"Summoner's Quest" is a series of manga porn parodies produced in genre of fantasy visual novels where playing as the main character you will meet a whole lot of other characters from favored anime or videogames. This is 9th game in the series and it undoubtedly will be glad all fans of Vi and Jinx from the"League of Legends"! By the way, this time your chocies might end up in haveing orgy with both of these gals... As for the gameplay it is story oriented visual novel where you will notonly ensue the events but also take certain decisions in key points and so you will shap eyour venture into something your own and almost unique. And since it is story oriente dit is strongly recommende dto play prior chapters before starting this one.
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Fuck Town: Sports Dispute

In Fucktown there can be only one real sport - hookup! Well, ofcourse there are all kinds of sports but as you most likely already know if you have played other games from this series before any of them will turn into hookup eventually. Today you will be playing as dude named Mike. You are a educator of physical education and sports training at a college plus you give lessons of self-defence. But the real challenge you will get when you will have to face the beaurocracy in attempt to get a finer training hall for the students. Well, at least they will assist you with hiring a cleaner... which turns out to be indeed hot chick! And what will happen next between you and this new cleaner girl named Helen you will find out only in case you will play the game yourself.

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Blossom's Room

Blossom is the name of one of three nymphs which you might know as"The Powerpuff Girls". Yep, the red-haired one! So if you always thought that she is the most screwable from the team then you are going to like this game a lot - girl has growned up and now looking for good fucking instead of punching some evil genius' butts. But will you be able to satiate her? Just switch between various hookup modes in time to be able to produce the sexual awakening amount to grow because in case you don't... well, you won't like the ending of this game where Blossom is not pleased for sure. Also both hookup scenes are made from male's very first person perspective so it will undoubtedly make you to believe that it is you fucking one of your favorite animation characters in he rmouth or muff!

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The Sex Therapist 5: A Wild Night

"The Sex Therapist" is a story-oriented set of games which you made describe as movie exploration. You see teh story, make decision at some points and then face the consequences. Even tho you will see a lot of erotic models performing in this game you migth get an ending without any nude content in any respect! So pay attention to what you are going to do or say in this game. By the way this is already 5th episode in the series and it is tagged as"A Wild Night". Main story will soon be revolving around Jim and his sexy neighbour Trinity. Jim indeed wants to have a fun time with Trinity even when everyone around understand that it is a terrible idea... but what can bring wilderness into the night than some indeed bad idea? Nothing ofocurse! So it's time to make a decision...

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Lesbian Strap On Joy

The story of this interactive movie embarks with mature blonde captured three other women to a crime scene - they all were slightly clothed in one bedroom and also certainly ha snot planned to fall asleep any time briefly. Looks like women got itno some real issues this time... So what blondes must do in situations like this? Join lesbian fun ofcourse! Click on next button to stir further in dialogs (yeah, looks like women like to talk even when they have lesbian hook-up... and here we have four of them!) And enjoy well done manga porn animations in the meantime. You will notice a good deal of tits and puss touching, kissing, tits and puffies sucking, vaginal fingering - practically everything that lezzies like to do at night! Who explained starpon? Well, you aright - they will use a strapon too!

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Tera's Castle

This story will make two quite different charcters to meet in one place - grimm and miysterious castle... but if you think taht this is going to be some boring quest with a lot of puzzles you have to solve to budge further through the story then you ar eworng - after the intro (which you migth skip but it is not recommended) the fun will begin without any delay! And by fun we mean these two characters will be satisfying each otehr and at teh same time revealing the secrets of each otehr's figures. Blowjobs, handjobs, ass fucking and vaginal hookup with a chance of jizz shot conclusion for each of these actions - this is what is waiting you ahead! The animations are well drawn and colorful so you migth want to pay enough attention to each scene the game has to offer!

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Iori Yoshizuki F00 – I”s hentai

Iori Yoshizuki has pretty big kinks and that is teh reason why she is so bashful every time when someone sees her wearing little swimsuit swimsuit... well, bashful and horny actually! So use your chance at the moment and play with her! Like in most of F-series anime porn games you will have a choice from over a dozen of different posiotion you may fuck Iori Yoshizuki. Want to see her on top? May be you need to place your schlong inbetween her tits? Or just let her to suck and stroke your while you decideing on how you going to use this sweetie next... To get through scenes just use blue arrow buttons which you will discover on the sides of game screen. Last scene generally activates a money-shot and after that you get back to the starting point but you can change position at any time you wish to.

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In this top quality sex game we have 3D asian model which preforms many weird and crazy things. She's masturbating, pissing, playing with her boobs and many more. For a better view use our slider near the star rating tool, to expand the game window.

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Undertail (v0.65) 18+ Parody

This is the 0.65 release version of the parody game that Lumi and I have been working on. Far from done, but we just dreamed to get something out. At the moment only Toriel is applied. There might be more in the future. At the moment it is indeed just a naked hard-ons functional chunk. To be implemented in the future are more characters, more dialog, and more art for the battle. Controls: Arrows to stir Z to select X to cancel C to open menu EDIT: As of the begin of 2017, both Lumi and I are just not financially stable enough to chase this project anymore. We don't have the time, so for now this project will not be updated for the foreseeable future. Apologies to anyone who was excited about this

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